Our philosophy at the Ohio Pain Clinic is to help our patients cope with and manage their chronic pain through a multidisciplinary approach. There are many causes of pain, and treatment must attack these causes through several different techniques.  A combined use of nerve blocks, nerve ablations, surgical implants, physical therapy exercises, mind and body exercises, lifestyle changes, medical massage, medications, and sometimes surgery allow us to offer a complete menu of comprehensive services to help our patients. We are also one of the first clinic’s in America to offer online physical therapy.

We offer appointments with minimal waiting times which focusing on identifying and treating the root cause of your pain. Additionally, we are one of the first pain centers that offers online physical therapy so patients can complete therapy in the comfort of their own homes. We are able to provide a superior standard of care by offering some of the newest, most advanced techniques that are available.

Our medical director, Dr. Soin, is a strong advocate of evidenced based medicine. He will not do any procedures or techniques that has not been clinically proven to provide benefit for the patient. Dr. Soin is renowned by his colleagues for his ethical, compassionate care for his patients. He has set the standard very high for the Ohio Pain Clinic, and is committed to making these clinics a true center of excellence for the treatment of chronic pain.

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Ohio Pain Clinic Medical Director, Dr. Amol Soin, MD